Dr. Noel Saint Beauvoir: First Haitian-Trained Fellow in Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstruction at the Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute

Dr. Noel Saint Beauvoir: First Haitian-Trained Fellow in Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstruction at the Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute

Doctor Noel Saint Beauvoir is the first Haitian-trained fellow accepted at the Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute training program under the direction of Dr. Angelo E. Gousse.

Dr. Gousse, Clinical Professor of Urology, is the director of the Female Urology, Voiding Dysfunction, Urinary Tract Reconstruction Fellowship, which has been in existence for more than 15 years. Dr. Gousse has trained more than 14 Urologists, either trained in the U.S. or Canada, who are currently practicing throughout the country. However, Dr. Gousse has never trained a young Haitian urologist.

Dr. Gousse , a native of Haiti, has been active in medical and urology missions in his homeland for the past 18 years. He has played a major role in the genesis of the Global Association for the Support of Haitian Urology (GASHU)www.urohaiti.org.

Through GASHU, several Haitian, American, and international urologists have dedicated great efforts and resources for the past five years towards numerous seminars, workshops, video teleconferences and lectures in Haiti including American Urological Association (AUA) supported Ultrasound Workshops and two-day conferences in Port-au-Prince in 2014, 2015, and 2017. This has helped the association to evolve into a better organized and coordinated Urology Association. GASHU has been able to streamline philanthropic efforts and equipment donations in order to maximize the positive impact to urology training, practice and patient care in Haiti. GASHU has recently identified the newly built Hospital St Francois de Salles (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) as one of the premiere hospitals in Haiti which offers great potential for the training of residents and the development of surgical workshops. One of its strategies has been to also train young Haitian urologists outside of Haiti in various urology sub-specialties. The urologists who receive training abroad are expected to return to Haiti to share their knowledge and expertise and train others. In line with this strategic plan, Dr. Noel Saint Beauvoir has traveled to South Florida for the Urodynamics, Voiding Dysfunction, Female Pelvic Floor Medicine and Reconstruction Fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Gousse.

About Dr Noel Saint Beauvoir:

Dr. Beauvoir was born in Lagonave, the largest island in Haiti. He attended Medical school in Haiti at Universite Lumiere and successfully completed his residency training in Urology at University Hospital Justinien in Cap Haitien under the supervision of Dr. Jean Geto Dube. Dr. Beauvoir has always been interested in voiding dysfunction and urodynamics. He applied to the six months Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute ( BHRUI ) Fellowship in January 2018. He was selected amongst numerous young Haitian urologists who applied for the program. He started his Fellowship training on March 5, 2018. Dr. Beauvoir will be trained in techniques and interpretation of urodynamics, female pelvic floor reconstruction, prostate ultrasonography and biopsy techniques, lower urinary tract endoscopic procedures, prosthetic surgery (penile implant, artificial urinary sphincter, Interstim), urethral reconstruction and general office urology. He is expected to complete a clinical research investigation prior to the completion of his fellowship.

A Donation from Laborie:

Dr. Beauvoir is being trained with a Laborie, Goby -TM, multichannel urodynamic unit. The unit was donated by Laborie to serve philanthropic and educational purposes in Haiti. The unit is the world’s most compact urodynamic system that is modular and wireless. The donated unit will be delivered to Haiti upon Dr Beauvoir’s graduation from the fellowship. Currently, there is no urodynamic laboratory in Haiti to study voiding dysfunction.

Dr. Beauvoir reported: “I am very fortunate to have been selected for the fellowship. I am indebted to GASHU and Dr. Angelo Gousse for this very unique opportunity which will certainly reshape my entire clinical career.”

Dr. Beauvoir will also improve his verbal and written English communication skills. He believes that improvement of his English skills will be a great asset for him in the future.

In September of 2018, Dr. Beauvoir will return to Haiti to serve his community and train other young urologists.

Fellowship support:

The fellowship is supported by a personal grant from Dr. Angelo Gousse and the Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute.

The next Haitian-trained urology fellow is expected to arrive in September of 2018. Dr. Gousse is hoping to obtain extramural grants or donations to support this endeavor in the future. The fellows are provided a cost of living stipend, a motor vehicle for transportation, and educational supplies.

The fellowship is being offered as part of the strategic planning of GASHU to improve Urology care and access in Haiti.