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Partners from Port-au-Prince, Project Haiti and IVUmed work together to provide quality training and care in reconstructive and female urology.

Hospital Bienfaisance is a modern 65 bed hospital that serves the 145,000 people in the north and central plateau of Haiti. The hospital has two state of the art operating rooms, a full lab facility, endoscopy, mammogram and x-ray capabilities, a complete pharmacy and a feeding program for patients. The hospital seeks to provide on-going training for doctors, nurses and specialty personnel while serving the poor and underserved in the region. Hospital Bienfaisance exists to serve those in need as well as provide modern facilities for those who can pay a portion or pay in full (Promise for Haiti).

Port au Prince

The AUA, SIU, IVUmed, Project Haiti, and others have conducted training and planning meetings serving urologists in Port-au-Prince.

The capital and the largest city in Haiti, Port-au-Prince is the location of three medical schools and 5 of 6 university hospitals in Haiti. As the economic center, Port-Au-Prince has a population of approximately 942,000. Only 18 miles from the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake, the city suffered extreme damage, further limiting infrastructure for surgical training. Home to the majority of urologists in Haiti, partnerships in Port-au-Prince have tremendous potential for reaching many providers and patients.


In 1999, University of Notre Dame Haiti Program began their work in Leogane to combat lymphatic filariasis. This mosquito-borne disease affects 1.6 million Haitians.

Leogane, a port town 18 mi (29 km) hours west of Port-Au-Prince, was the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake. Approximately 80-90% of the buildings in the area were destroyed, including Hôpital Sainte Croix, the main site for the work to combat lymphatic filariasis. Only 9 months later on September 22, 2010, Hôpital Sainte Croix reopened for patients.


In 2011, IVUmed began training local surgeons in general urology at Hôpital Albert Schweitzer. Since then, the lead surgeon has routinely traveled back to Deschapelles to continue a training program and host  IVUmed Resident Scholar site.

Deschapelles is located 90 miles north of Port-au-Prince (3 hours by car).  Located in Deschapelles, Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) serves approximately 330,000 people in a 610-square-mile area in central Haiti’s Artibonite Valley. HAS is A 130-bed referral hospital providing maternal and pediatric services, internal medicine, surgical, emergency, prosthetic , orthotic and rehabilitation services.

Cap Hatien

Justinien Hospital is a key training site in Haiti and works closely with the University of Miami. Located in an important population center, the hospital has 250 beds and a diverse range of training programs.

Mission Statement

UroHaiti.org brings together Haitian physicians and nurses and others from abroad working in Haiti to build local capacity for quality urological training and care. By working together, we can build sustainable, self-reliant surgical programs that meet the needs of communities throughout Haiti.

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