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Volunteer featured in local paper

IVUmed is currently conducting a female reconstructive urology workshop in Pignon, Haiti at the Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon until March 27, followed by a male reconstructive urology workshop through April 5th. The Morrison County Record out of Minnesota interviewed Justin Lindhart, a CRNA volunteer on the female urology team, on his fifth medical service trip to Haiti.

To read the article, please visit IVUmed’s blog here:

IVUmed Volunteer Featured in Local Paper

First Haitian American Urology Conference: A Historic Collaboration

Surgeons and trainees worldwide are starting to identify the need for collaboration among organizations and a focus on education to improve surgery in developing countries. In Haiti, urologists established the First Haitian American Urology Conference. After several informal discussions, the interest and need was recognized and brought together several urologists and program leaders in the first formal meeting to identify an effective and collaborative effort to further urology education in Haiti. To read more about this event, please read the published article here:

First Haitian American Urology Conference 2013

Mission Statement

UroHaiti.org brings together Haitian physicians and nurses and others from abroad working in Haiti to build local capacity for quality urological training and care. By working together, we can build sustainable, self-reliant surgical programs that meet the needs of communities throughout Haiti.

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